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JANUARY 29, 2021, VIRTUAL EVENT, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Where you can find all things related to our first-ever, virtual Annual Meeting of Members

CIRMA + our members are better, together. Even when we’re virtual.

In addition to offering front-row seats for everyone this year, we’re excited to share a specially-curated annual meeting experience filled with a dynamic selection of speakers and content that you will not want to miss.

Click the Agenda tab above for information on our main event and exclusive event breakout sessions. This year’s program offers a unique and much needed opportunity for the CIRMA Community to connect, reflect, and share knowledge.

Be sure to come back often for the latest information leading up to the January 29th broadcast. Check out our Handouts gallery to access relevant event materials, including session handouts, which will be updated regularly.

Tech favors the prepared.

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Note: Invitations to the Annual Meeting of Members are sent to invitees electronically, and provide important event registration information. Contact your CIRMA representative for more information.