CIRMA Excellence in Risk Management Awards

From Connecticut public schools to municipal town halls, firefighters to school nurses, our teams work closely with our members to keep local communities safe, and running smoothly.

This year, CIRMA’s Excellence in Risk Management Awards program will celebrate members who have demonstrated sustained and notable distinction by building dynamic teams of risk-management champions.

Four deserving recipients will be announced during this year’s virtual event. Each awardee will receive a handsome crystal award and a $2,500 Risk Management Grant from CIRMA. Winners will also be featured in an issue of Connecticut Town & City magazine.

Below are the 2021 Excellence in Risk Management Award recipients that were honored at our Annual Meeting of Members on January 29, 2021.


Establishing Risk Management as an Organizational Priority:

Cromwell Board of Education

Education and training are essential components of an organization’s safety and health program. A true testament to Cromwell BOE’s sustained commitment to educating employees on the latest risk trends, approximately 250 employees from Cromwell Public Schools attended CIRMA Risk Management in-person training over the past year, alone.

The Cromwell BOE Team empowers staff with educational tools that uncover and close gaps to help mitigate losses. The Team actively participates in CIRMA’s School District Advisory Committee, and works in concert with the CIRMA Team, bringing to bear all the expertise, tools and solutions necessary to deliver superior outcomes. The marked results realized include a significant decrease in the number of workers’ compensation claims and a notable decline in liability/auto/property claim costs, over the past year.

With a proven track record, the Cromwell BOE has been recognized for its commitment to the protection of its employees and community.

Substantial Impact on Total Cost of Risk:

City of Middletown

Augmented by a strategic reorganization that streamlined investigatory processes and efficiencies, the City of Middletown substantially reduced costs by leveraging its partnership with CIRMA to gain in-depth knowledge of current and emerging regulations, safety and health management, and operational exposures.

Partnership is more than collaboration with our members; it’s a long-term commitment to advocacy and solving problems to help them succeed. The Middletown Risk Manager and her Team routinely engage with CIRMA Claims and Risk Management professionals. Both work closely to evaluate claim and risk management action items and develop practical solutions that solve complex challenges at facility and operation levels.

These efforts all add up to some impressive net results. Over the last six years, the City of Middletown has experienced a remarkable 41% decrease in overall Liability-Auto-Property claim severity and achieved approximately $1.5M in legal costs savings.

Sustained Risk Management Programs:

Town of New Milford

In today’s environment, success requires vision. Public entities face unique risks that need long-term, sustainable solutions. With a laser focus on reducing risk across the board, the Town of New Milford implemented a robust employee training program that leverages CIRMA’s educational tools and resources to improve workplace safety, reduce the cost of risk, and adhere to state and nationally-recognized standards.

Over the years, New Milford experienced a marked increase in program awareness and adoption. Over the last two years, 100% of employees successfully completed the training program using CIRMA’s extensive suite of leading educational tools and resources.

Further amplifying the program’s overall effectiveness, New Milford saw fewer workers’ compensation claims with an almost 10% decrease in reported claims. The Town also saw a notable decline in Liability-Auto-Property claims with a 41% reduction in claims over the last two years.

New and Innovative Risk Management Initiatives:

Vernon Board of Education

In the wake of a global health crisis, educators were challenged to reimagine the world they once knew. And during a time of considerable duress, the Vernon Board of Education (BOE) would prove that while they can’t predict the future, they can help control its impact.

The Vernon BOE sought out the District Health and Safety Committee’s expertise and worked tirelessly throughout the summer months to construct a Reopening Plan for the 2020-2021 school year. The Vernon BOE also capitalized on its partnership with CIRMA. Recognizing the value of their bespoke expertise, Vernon worked closely with CIRMA’s Risk Management Team to implement critical health and safety protocols in preparation for the re-opening.

Due to their ongoing commitment to engaging strategic partners in unique and innovative ways, the Vernon BOE orchestrated a remarkably successful district-wide re-opening that others would widely emulate. The district has not experienced a single claim related to COVID-19 exposures or its handling of the pandemic response.