SEMINAR I: Municipal Law Update and Navigating Fair Housing Liability

In this seminar municipal leaders reviewed a number of recent claims, how they were caused, how they escalated, and how they could have been prevented.  Attendees explored an in-depth examination of Act requirements as they apply to elected town leaders, appointed zoning officials, and fair housing officers. This informative session provided an opportunity to learn critical and easy-to-implement best practices that will help municipalities successfully navigate this dynamic legal environment and prevent future civil actions, reputational risk, and increased insurance costs.

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Presented by Attorney Thomas R. Gerarde, Managing Partner, Howd & Ludorf, LLC

Presented by Attorney Michael J. Rose , Managing Partner, Rose Kallor, LLP

SEMINAR II: Understanding the Risks of Not Having a Fair and Equitable Workplace

This session provided attendees an understanding of the employment practices, and reputational risks of not supporting and promoting a fair and equitable workplace. Presenters discussed the symptoms of employment culture and behaviors that lead to discrimination claims, Risk Management strategies to reduce these risks, and reviewed current cases and legislation identification of best practices.

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Presented by Joey Barbera, ARM, Manager, CIRMA Risk Management

Presented by Ian Havens, ARM, Supervisor, CIRMA Risk Management