Emerging Issues: The Police Accountability Act and Employment Law

Back by popular demand, this highly-sought after seminar provides municipal leaders with an in-depth review of a recent legislation that our members should be thinking about.

As with any new legislation involving employees, there becomes an intertwining web of employment practice regulations that must be considered. There will also be misinterpretations and myths that have the potential to hinder compliance with the new legislation and associated employment-related laws.

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Session Duration: 22 Minutes

Attorney Michael J. Rose, Managing Partner, Rose Kallor, LLP

Attorney Thomas R. Gerarde, Managing Partner, Howd & Ludorf, LLC

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SAM Claims Are on the Rise. Know Your Exposures. Mitigate Risk.

It’s an unfortunate reality that sexual abuse and misconduct (SAM) claims are ever more prevalent, with a rising number of incidents reported against paid or volunteer staff members. The financial and emotional devastation associated with these cases often have an adverse and long-lasting impact on victims, families and the community at large.

During this talk, we’ll explore a number of proactive measures and programs that every organization can implement to help prevent sexual abuse and misconduct from occurring and minimize the associated risks.

Session Duration: 27 Minutes

Nancy Pugliese, Bureau Chief, Investigations and Certifications, Conn. Dept. of Education

Joey Barbera, ARM, Manager,Joey Barbera, ARM CIRMA Risk Management Services

Ian Havens, ARM, Team Leader, CIRMA Risk Management Services

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Bigger Isn’t Always Better. What You Should Know Before Going to Market.

Our members are at the center of everything we do—they are part of an exclusive community of trusted advocates. At CIRMA, this partnership often represents long-term commitment and unwavering loyalty. And in the event a member chooses to go with an alternative carrier, CIRMA’s commitment and loyalty endures.

During this talk, Matt Knickerbocker, the Town of Bethel’s First Selectman will share the candid circumstances behind why his town left CIRMA for a big-box competitor and the unexpected outcomes that followed.

Bottom line: if you’re contemplating “Why CIRMA?” you won’t want to miss this talk.

Session Duration: 14 Minutes

Matthew Knickerbocker, First Selectman, Town of Bethel

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