The environment in which we live and cope today is unlike what most of us have experienced in our lifetimes. It goes without saying that our assumptive worldviews are forever changed. Yet, as a community, we have found new ways to connect, empathize, and serve. Over the past year, we demonstrated unwavering care, focus, and commitment while doing all we could to push back against challenges and hold fast to the belief that we will emerge from these difficult times as a community. A community that refused to shrink in the face of adversity. A resilient community that is stronger than ever.

The CIRMA CommUNITY wins the day

There’s no need to return to normal because I believe we’ve created something better. The last year has awakened our sense of collective resiliency, and, more importantly, the importance of community and partnership has never been more punctuated. When you combine the power of a shared community, aligned mission and values, and mutual goals, the results are limitless. The force that is the CIRMA community simply cannot be understated or replicated and will continue to set us miles apart from our competitors. Because of the sustained commitment and dedication demonstrated by our community of employees, members, board and committee volunteers, and business partners, CIRMA is better positioned than ever before.

Landmark Outcomes

The strength of our balance sheet continues to serve as a testament to our underwriting excellence, expense management discipline, and unmatched claim and risk management expertise. Our financial and operational achievements also fortify our ability to invest in new technologies and provide our members with the absolute best products and services that the industry has to offer. To that end, I am both humbled and proud to share that CIRMA continues to deliver outstanding financial and operational outcomes.

Over the last five years:

  • Total Assets have grown by $77M
  • Members Equity has increased by $98.1M
  • Nearly $19M in members equity was distributed over the last five years, with almost $37M distributed in the previous eleven years
  • The average rate need was -3.3% for workers’ compensation and -0.34% for liability/auto/property lines of businesses
  • Over $117M in medical cost savings have been achieved through CIRMA managed care programs
  • Over 88,000 public-entity employees and volunteers participated in CIRMA training

Guided by Our Shared Mission

CIRMA’s mission remains the unequivocal keystone of our success. By staying aligned with its tenets, I am confident that we will continue to perpetuate our successes while exceeding the expectations of our members. The road to success is a journey rather than a destination, and CIRMA’s strategic imperatives will continue to provide us with the unified direction we need. Therefore, we will continue our steadfast focus on investing in business intelligence and innovation, expanding our products and services, recruiting world-class talent, enhancing customer engagement, and advancing CIRMA capital management strategies.

In closing, I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to our community of employees, members, board and committee volunteers, and business partners. I believe that our community is impenetrable. Together, we have collectively redefined the meanings behind resiliency, dedication, service, and empathy. Our ability to transform adversity into opportunity while performing at tremendously high levels leaves me excited to see what we will accomplish together throughout the next year—because if commUNITY wins the day, the day is ours.